Functions and Objectives

A comprehensive high school program actively seeks to develop the intellectual, personal, and social potential of each student.  At Georgetown International Academy (GIA), our high school program boasts a college preparatory curriculum in which students take part in an essential academic program while also engaging in opportunities for individual growth. Dedicated teachers and enthusiastic students collaborate to create an atmosphere that fosters growth and maturity. The students of GIA represent approximately nineteen. nationalities that come together daily to share and appreciate the rich diversity of one another’s cultures in a warm and supportive community. GIA’s American-style curriculum, overlaid with an international emphasis, offers its students a global perspective and encourages a thoughtful world view from multiple perspectives.


College and Universities

GIA is aligned with Common Core Standards (Math, English, Social Studies) and Next Generation Science Standards (Science) which prepare students for college, universities and careers beyond high school. The core curriculum is supported by critical coursework in the arts, physical education, global languages (French and Spanish), as well as courses in Drama, Psychology, Economics, and Life Skills. Qualifying students also have the option to take Advanced Placement (AP) courses, which provide a more rigorous challenge, and may be awarded college credit. Additionally, GIA students may engage in extracurricular activities, such as Student Council and Key Club International, as well as service learning projects.

Graduation Requirements

The school year consists of two semesters or four terms, and minimum of 28 credits is required to meet the graduation requirement. Creativity, research, and critical thinking permeate the academic program throughout all four years at GIA. Graduating seniors leave our program equipped to face the next chapter of their lives with poise and confidence, taking with them a well-rounded education and a deep understanding of what it means to be a global citizen.


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