I would like to extend a hearty and warm welcome all of GIA's families, both new and returning. I hope that your children will participate in our After School Activities (ASA) program to enrich their experience of living in Guyana and attending our school. GIA's ASA is an organized program that allows students of all ages to participate in a variety of outdoor and indoor extra-curricular activities.

ASA allows children to pursue areas of interest and encourages them to develop social and leadership skills. Research shows that participation in extra-curricular activities leads to better grades and the development of well-rounded individuals. It also gives children a fun and energetic outlet and the end of the school day and helps to relax both their bodies and minds.


GIA offers a variety of activities that occur every day of the week. Please email me at activities@giagy.org or call me at 225-8347 for information about our current activities and how you can register your children at no additional charge or you can visit . I am more than happy and willing to provide you with assistance and answer any questions you might have. Parents are reminded that they are responsible for transporting their children to any outdoor activity than is not within the confines of GIA. At times, inclement weather plays havoc on our outdoor activities and games will have to be cancelled. When this happens, we will give you as much as advance notice as possible. 

To have your child participate, you can use our sign up form, which is available at our administrative office.

link will soon be updated.

Once again, welcome to all of our GIA families, and we look forward to your continued support and dedication.


Warmest regards.

Christina Chaves
ASA Coordinator