A Message from the PTO


The PTO (Parent-Teacher Organization) at GIA enhances and supports the educational experiences of our students.  We work to develop a close connection between school and home by encouraging parent involvement, and to improve the environment of the school through volunteering and fundraising. 

Thank you for visiting our page and the GIA website as a whole. 


Activities and Events


Our events are fun and educational, and all of them are designed to benefit our students, teachers, and our school.  Some of our events are purely fundraisers, others are educational, and some are just for fun.  Some of the events the PTO has organized over the last few years include: 

  • Mashramani, Mix and Mingle (celebrating Guyana month)
  • Yard Sales
  • Reading Night
  • Welcome Coffee (introducing new families to GIA)
  • Carnival
  • Diwali (Hindu holiday)
  • American Thanksgiving
  • Halloween
  • Health Month (month-long initiative around healthy lifestyles)
  • Educational presentations (Cyber-safety, etc.)


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All of the proceeds from our fundraising events are funneled back into the school through donations to our Student Council, Key Club, Library, Teacher/Staff Appreciations, and other student-led organization/events.


2019-2020 PTO Board Members:

  • President, TBA

  • Vice-President, TBA
  • Treasurer, TBA
  • Secretary, TBA
  • Special Member, TBA
  • Special Member, TBA
  • Special Member, TBA
  • Special Member, TBA
  • Special Member, TBA
  • Special Member, TBA



The PTO could not exist without the wonderful support of our GIA Family, which includes all of our teachers, staff, parents and students.  We are extremely lucky to have such a supportive community in our school. 
Thank you All!